This magazine was produced as my Master’s thesis project at London College of Fashion. I acted as both Editor-in-Chief and Art Director in its creation.

From a first impression, word “beat” itself has violent connotations; you think of it as “beat up,” like hitting. But there are so many uses for the word. There’s a musical beat, to beat someone in a game, the beating of a heart, feeling beat, as tired. Beat is a four-letter word that encompasses so many meanings, which range from positive to negative and sometimes contradict each other. “Beat” was the perfect choice for Jack Kerouac when aiming to describe a broad concept.
Kerouac didn’t invent Beat, he simply put a word to it. This magazine does not idolize the Beat Generation or intend to re-create the Beat Generation or what its members did. Rather, we aim to highlight the Beat that still exists today, because as Beat existed long before the Generation, it continues to exist after them. We agree with the term Kerouac coined to describe the concept, and therefore we are borrowing it for this publication.